Terranobako Salau

1-Amorphis - From the Heaven of my Heart - Forging a Land of Thousand Lakes[Oulu]

2- SEMBLANT - Dark of the Day (Official Video)


4-Wintersun - Death and the Healing - Official Music Video (HD)

5- Imperial Age - Aryavarta [official music video]

6-Wisdom - Heaven And Hell [official]

7-BLOODBOUND - Moria (2016) // official live clip

8-Mr. Big - Smoke On The Water (Back to Budokan)

9-Queen / Roger Daltrey / Tony Iommi - I Want It All 1992 Live

10-Majesty - Thunder Rider (official video)

11-MANOWAR- Defender_(rus_titles).avi

12-Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" [Live in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada]
13-Rammstein - Du Hast [Wacken Open Air 2013 DVD]


15-Knorkator - Ma Baker (live)

16-The Traceelords - Daddy Cool

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1-Ganma Ray: Heaven can wait

2-Saxon: Requiem

3-Dio: R&r Children

4-Wasp: Hallowed Groend

5-Iron Maiden:Comming Home

6-Motorhead: No class

7-Skid Row: My Enemy

8-Metallica: Dyers Eve

9-Megadeth: Tornado of Souls

10-Testament: Practice what your Preach

11-Anthrax: Inside Out

12-Pantera: Strengh Beyond Strengh

13-Slayer: Fight till Death

14-Fear Factory: Self Bias Resistor

15-Amorphis - From the Heaven of my Heart - Forging a Land of Thousand Lakes[Oulu]

16-Manowar: Swords in the Winds

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Terranobako Salau 2016-05-21

LauP4ko Ruben Bernedo eta Gorka Diezeaz eon gaz, gaur gaztetxin 26.urteurrenin emon bir daben kontzertu, eta heuran histoixiatxik berbetan.



1-Mägo de Oz - Adiós, Dulcinea

2-The Hooters - Johnny B

3-Cheap Trick - The Flame

4- U.D.O. - Independence Day (2015)

5-Royal Hunt - Half Past Loneliness (Live from Cargo)

6-Manitou - The Valley Of Evergreen

7-Burning Point / Into the Fire ( Official )

8-LEVERAGE - Wolf and the Moon

9-Sonic Altar - In the Night (Official Video)

10-BLOODBOUND - Moria (2016)

11-Watain - Outro (Live in Club Colectiv, Bucharest, Romania, 7.04.2014)

12-Immortal - One by One (live Wacken Open Air 2007) HD

13-BEHEMOTH - The Satanist - Official Video

14- Iced Earth - Melancholy-- live

15-H.E.A.T "Tearing Down The Walls" (live) from the new live album "Live in London"

16-Europe - Love To Love (UFO Cover)

17-Van Halen - panama (live 1986)

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