Kritikal Blues


Gaur Blues kontutan 5 artista entzun douz eta Difuntun Tartin Curtis Mayfield.

Blues kontuk - Atzam tenporadako 5 Blues disko
1. Second Hand Blues Band - What I know
2. Second Hand Blues Band - I won't miss you
3. Michael Burks - I smell smoke
4. Michael Burks - Changed man
5. Biscuit Miller - She likes to boogie
6. Biscuit Miller - Mr. DJ
7. Foxy Lady - Like my style
8. Foxy Lady - Every day I have the blues
9. Matt Minglewood - Nova Scotia Boogay
10. Matt Minglewood - Yourself to blame
11. Matt Minglewood - Ypung and Dumb
difuntun tarti - Curtis Mayfield
12. We're a Winner
13. Amen
14. Little Child Runnin Wild
15. (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go
16. SuperFly
17. Do Do Wap Is Strong in Here [Single Edit]
18. It's All Right
19. Pusherman
20. We're Rolling On (Pt. 1)


Gaur pasan irratsaixun 2.zatixe einddou.
La Granada Blues Band eta Con alma de blues diskun kantak entzun douz.

Bluesa Munduntzir - La Granada Blues Band
1. Highway of blues
2. Another pretty woman
3. High water everywhere
4. That's allright
5. Rocker man
6. La pension del cojo
7. The Inner warrior
8. The blues is all about
Gustoko disku - Con Alma de Blues part2
9. John Mayall - Room to move
10. Muddy Waters - I'm your hoochie coochie man
11. Nina Simone - Don't let me be misunderstood
12. Johnny Winter - Rain
13. John Lee Hooker - Boom boom
14. The Animals - The house of the rising sun
15. Robben Ford & The Blue Line - I'm a real man
16. Koko Taylor - Wang dang doodle
17. Chuck Berry - Worried life blues
18. Etta James - I'd rather go blind
19. Buddy Guy - Damn right I've got the blues



Gaur Blues Munduntzir tartin Europako bost talde entzun douz. Eta Gustoko Diskun Tratin Con Alma de Blues entzun dou.

Bluesa Munduntzir
1. Meena Cryle and The Chris - Ita makes me scream
2. Meena Cryle and The Chris - You can have my husband
3. Bacon Fat - Caught you on a crawlin
4. Bacon Fat - LA woman
5. T.G. Copperfield - Rolling stone
6. T.G. Copperfield - The fire went out
7. Thorbjon Risager and the black tornado - I used to love you
8. Thorbjon Risager and the black tornado - Dreamland
9. Fabrizio Poggi - Walk on
10. Fabrizio Poggi - Mississippi my home
Gustoko disku - Con Alma de Blues
11. Tina Turner - Steamy windows
12. BB King - The thrill is gone
13. Rod Stewart - Bring it on home to me/You send me
14. Canned Heat - On the road again
15. Fleetwood Mac - Black magic woman
16. Steppenwolf - The Pusher
17. Janis Joplin - Cry baby
18. Willie DeVille - Hey Joe



Gaur Bluesa Munduntzir Caledonia Blues Band entzun dou eta atzetik Soul Bakarlai tartin Aretha Franklin.

Bluesa munduntzir - Caledonia Blues Band
1. If my baby didn't mind
2. Zero zero
3. Lolos Blues
4. Stumble
5. Horses & places
6. Singing woman
7. When a try
8. Going to Kentuky
Soul Bakarlaixak - Aretha Franklin
9. (I can't get no) Satisfaction
10. Money Won't Change You
11. Spirit In The Dark
12. Mary, Don't You Weep
13. Eleanor Rigby
14. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
15. Respect
16. I Say A Little Prayer
17. Old Landmark
18. Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)
19. Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
20. Chain Of Fools



Gaur Gustoko diskun tartin Travellin Brothers-en Red Hot & Blue entzun dou, eta Soul Bakarlaixai dedikatzauen tartin Irma Thomas eta Otis Redding entzun douz.

gustoko disku - Red, Hot & Blue
1. Pie back time
2. Wait for me
3. Rocket to the Moon
4. Midnight train
5. Sweet little angel
6. Easy roll
Soul Bakarlaixak - Irma Thomas
7. Moments To Remember
8. Save a Little Bit for Me
9. In between tears
10. Break-A-Way
11. River is Waiting
12. I Need Your Love So Bad
13. Time Is On My Side
14. Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)
Otis Redding
15. Respect
16. Hard To Handle
17. Tramp
18. I need your lovin
19. I can't turn you loose
20. Shake [Live]
21. (Sttin' on) The dock of the bay
22. James Cotton - My babe






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